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New Features & Enhancements

NEW! Prospecting Feature

The new Prospects section will allow you to record your prospects, input notes & track contact attempts and stay on top of your prospect sales process. This is sure to increase your closing percentage and improve your bottom line! (WI6154)

NEW! Statements/Invoicing Feature

You will now be able to print statements to mail to your customers within the iGo Figure Software! For any recurring membership, you can select Statement as the payment method. The system will alert you when they are due so you can print & mail out their statement. You will be able to record when the payment has been received and you will know when they have not paid - it's never been easier! (WI6073)

NEW! Session-Based Enhancements

  • Session-Based Recurring Billing: Ability to create recurring session based memberships by frequency (ex. 10 sessions per month) or usage (Bill for 10 more session each time a member runs out of sessions). (WI 6072)
  • Session Can Expire: Sessions will now expire based on criteria enter in Member Agreements.
  • Session Remaining on Welcome Screen: Sessions-based members are shown how many sessions they have remaining when they scan-in. (WI269)

NEW! Attendance Panel & Welcome Screen Enhancements

  • Added color-coded flags: Collections – Red Flag, Birthday – Purple Flag, Weigh & Measure Day – Blue Flag, Contract About to Expire – Orange Flag (WI 6132)
  • Added ability to set alerts for members about to expire on the Welcome Screen through Sign-In Screen Options. (WI 6126)

NEW! Attendance Anywhere Enhancements

Attendance Anywhere is a feature available using iGo Figure Version 3.12 and Web Portal which allows members to attend at any of your facilities. Please contact support if you would like to learn more about Attendance Anywhere or Web Portal.

  • Attendance Anywhere by Date Range Report: A report for Attendance Anywhere has been added to the Reports section of the iGo Figure Software. (WI6149)
  • Home Access Only Attribute: This attribute prevents members from roaming/visiting other locations. (WI6149)

NEW! iGo Connect Services

  • SEPA Integration now available. (WI6082)
  • Forte Integration for Canadian EFT and Credit Card Processing. (WI6015)

NEW! Member & Membership Enhancements

  • Tired of seeing all those inactive membership types in your member's record? Now Inactive memberships are hidden from the General tab, but can easily be viewed if desired. (WI6123)
  • Member Keytags entry has been expanded which allows keytags to be anywhere from 4 to 16 characters. (WI6042)
  • Salesperson & Ad Source are no longer required fields during New Membership Entry and Quick Member Entry. (WI6135)
  • Memberships can now be categorized as Fitness or Non-Fitness for attendance tracking purposes. (WI4827)

NEW! Reports & Report Enhancements

  • Revenue Report: NOTE(WI6121)
  • Revenue Details Report: NOTE(WI6121)
  • Projected Revenue for Recurring Dues: NOTE(WI6121)
  • Reorder Report: NOTE(WI6099)
  • Inventory Adjustment Report: NOTE(WI6139)
  • Member List report now displays the primary phone number on file, as well as, the Contract End Date.(WI6129)
  • All Member Reports that list a phone number now display the primary phone number on file instead of defaulting to the Home Number.(WI6129)
  • Gender Member Information now available via reports. The Report Wizard and the Attendance Reports can be filtered by gender.(WI6129)

NEW! Misc. Extras & Enhancements

  • iGo Logos have been removed from all reports and receipts. (WI6112)
  • Drop-down lists are now alphabetized. (WI6127)
  • Luhn Verification can be enabled to help ensure valid data entry for credit card information. (WI6097)
  • Removed the options to apple change to the Generic Customer Account. (WI6128)
  • Added Position column to the Employee List. (WI6131)

Fixed Issues

  • You can now edit Custom Agreement Names (WI6125)
  • Editing Prepay dues in Membership Details displays correctly on the General tab. (WI6124)
  • Changing personal information when entering more than two agreements during the New Member Wizard no longer gives a “cannot save” error. (WI6091)
  • Agreement Type List now shows Agreement Types that currently have only Inactive Members. (WI6398)

Known Issues

  • Version 3.8 Internal Backups will not restore in newer versions. To make an external backup, go to Start ⇒ All Programs ⇒ Go Figure ⇒ iGo Figure Support ⇒ External Backup Restore. Please contact Support if you need assistance. (WI5997)
  • Version 3.6 backups will not restore directly into Version 3.12 due to Microsoft SQL changes. They must first be converted to Version 3.8. Please contact Support if you need assistance. (WI6558)
  • Luhn verification is on by default after upgrading or restoring a database. This can be turned off by going to Business Defaults ⇒ Banking tab ⇒ Edit ⇒ Uncheck Use Luhn checkbox. (WI6586)