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Register Your iGo Figure Member Management Software

New iGo Figure Version 3 Users

To activate the iGo Figure Software at a facility that has never used Version 3 before, you must call Go Figure at (877) GO FIGURE.

New Owners

If you recently purchased a facility that uses the iGo Figure Software, it is necessary to complete the Transfer of Ownership form before you can register the software.

Click here to download the form.

Version 2

Users please call (877) GO FIGURE to register your software. If you wish to upgrade to the latest version of iGo Figure, click here to it download now.

Existing iGo Figure Version 3 Users

If you are using iGo Figure Software Version 3, and you have a full time internet connection at your club, the software will automatically register itself with Go Figure every 120 days. You do not need to submit your license key here.

Click here to insert your License Key