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March 31, 2007
Go Figure Launches in Germany

Oberhausen, Germany Go Figure completed the first installation of the iGo Figure membership management software in Essen, Germany. After completing the translation to German earlier this month, Curves club owners Ulrike (Oberhausen), Susanne (Ravensburg) and Karolina (Falkenstein) were excited to be the first to try it out. "We love it!", they reported.

"We’re very excited to be able to offer our products and services in Germany", said Matt Zagrodzky, Vice President of Go Figure. "When we designed our club management software, we did so with the intent of translating it to many languages," he said. "After we decided to roll out in Germany, it took us 90 days to complete the translation of the software and training materials."

Go Figure has already translated its health club software to German, French, Italian, and Turkish, and plans on introducing Spanish, Arabic and Chinese versions soon. "The architecture of the software allows to translate into virtually any language very quickly", Matt said.

Go Figure is the world’s largest membership management software company, running more than 8,800 businesses in 32 countries. For more information on other languages supported by the iGo Figure software or anything else, contact

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