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iGo Door Access System FAQs
and Information Guide

If you are considering using the iGo Door Access System, this guide contains important information for you to consider, as well answers to many frequently asked questions. This guide will cover how the system works, safety and security considerations, and answers to many frequently asked questions.

Important Considerations and Suggestions

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is iGo Door Access?

Quite simply, iGo Door Access allows members to open the door to your facility with a valid keytag scan. This allows you to increase your facility hours (up to 24 hours per day), and run your facility with no staff present. By doing so, iGo Door Access allows you to gain new members, better-retain your existing members, and remain competitive in tough economic times.

Why use the iGo Door Access System?

Customers that have implemented the system have experienced some or all of the benefits below:

  • Club now able to meet competition's 24x7x365 access without increasing staff expenses.
  • Instead of 24x7 availability, can limit extended hours to cover times normally closed during the middle of the day, Saturdays, Sundays AND holidays. Most clubs report that despite 24x7 availability, nobody uses facility from 11:00 p.m. – 4:30 a.m., and significant traffic on holidays when they were normally closed.
  • Club able to attract new and former members by offering extended hours, and better retain existing members. Clubs have also gained new transfer members by having extended hours of operation.
  • System provides club owner a backup when an employee calls in sick; members can still access facility.
  • Club can extend hours without having to increase staff costs. Club may also be able to reduce staff hours as members become comfortable with the system.
How does the iGo Door Access System Work?

The iGo Door Access System includes a door mounted barcode scanner and all the hardware you need to hook up the system with your iGo Figure® Software. When a member in good standing scans in with their bar-coded keytag, the door is electronically unlocked for them by the software – and their workout is automatically recorded. The system can be customized to allow extended access during certain times of the day or 24 hours a day.

Important Considerations and Suggestions
Backup Power
Backup power supply systems, often referred to as a UPS or “uninterruptable power supply,” cost around $150. They continue to provide power for short times in case the electricity fails. Plug your computer and iGo Door Access System into a UPS, and they will still function if the electricity fails momentarily.
Computer protection
A locking cabinet can provide protection for your computer CPU and keyboard/mouse after-hours. Make sure the cabinet is properly vented, or has a fan, so your computer will not overheat. Note: Your data is safe even in the unlikely event that your computer is stolen or hacked into. iGo Figure Version 3.6 or higher includes advanced security features which make it one of the only club management software packages in the world that is audited and certified as PCI Compliant. This means that it satisfies stringent credit card company data security requirements, when you use advanced security settings.
Consider requiring an access code to use your copier if you have one.
Cost expectation.
Depending on how you implement the system, you might pay an extra $1000 - $2000 in addition to the cost of the iGo Door Access System for cameras, installation, setup and other expenses. This investment can very quickly be recovered with new member sign-ups, and better existing-member retention, as a result of extended hours.
Electricity costs.
To avoid keeping the lights on all the time, consider setting lights and air conditioning on a timer, or have an electrician connect the door access (or a motion detector) to the lights and air conditioning so lights are on for 30-40 minutes every time card swipe is accessed. Lock your thermostat.
Exit Button.
When a member leaves, all the member needs to do is scan their tag on the bar code scanner you already have in your club to unlock the door. There are several other exit options available including a red exit button by the door or a motion sensor; neither are included with the system, as each owner's preference and community fire code requirements vary. We recommend you check with your locksmith for the option that best suits your needs.
Emergency Service Access.
Contact your local police and fire departments to set up access. They likely have a protocol for you to install an exterior lock box (like a Knox box) containing your club door key. Thus, if an emergency arises, the club is accessible without destroying the club doors. Talk to police about increased patrols.
File protection.
Lock up all your files, mail, pay checks, check books. Consider removing all check draft authorization forms and employee files with Social Security information. Simple bar-lock mechanisms are available which will lock all four drawers of a file cabinet.
Different franchisors have different (or no) restrictions on 24-hour or extended access. Check your franchise agreement to be sure.
Consider posting instructions by the door access card swipe about on how to use it and a cell number to call if it is not working. Some security systems allow a manager to open the door remotely.
Contact your insurance carrier to let them know about the change and to make sure you have coverage. Some have a price difference if open more than 18 hours.
Inventory Control.
Consider locking inventory. Some clubs with nominal inventory do not do this and have successfully relied on the deterrent effect of the video cameras.
Go Figure recommends ordering our Premium Keytags for use with the door access system. They are easier to accurately swipe through the external door scanner.
Check your lease to see if you need to let your landlord know of and/or approve the change in hours of operation.
Liability Form.
Review liability form to make sure it covers non-staffed club operation.
Lost Keytag.
If a keytag is lost, it must be reported immediately; otherwise a non-member may be able to access the club.
Market and promote your new hours! Ask your landlord for permission to put out a sandwich board promoting new extended hours. Put out a press release. Three or four new members can pay for the whole setup. You can also sort your Member No-Sale List by Reason and call all No-Sales who listed "Limited Facility Hours" as their reason for not joining.
You will need to account for music during non-staffed hours.
Panic Button.
Consider installing a 911 panic button or leaving two or three 911-key fobs on the desk for members who are working out alone (these are panic button devices on a lanyard a member can wear while working out). A button can be programmed to immediately notify 911 if the member falls and cannot reach the phone or a panic button. (Similar to “I've fallen and I can't get up.”). We suggest that you include a fee to be charged if a member does not return the panic key fob after use. They are about $65 each and can be purchased from your security company. Your camera system will provide video if the member does not return the key fob and an accurate recording of the accident. Review with your insurance company for specific policy issues.
Have one available for emergencies. Consider disabling long distance charges.
Scanner protection.
In colder climates, you may want to cover the door access scanner with a simple plastic box that keeps snow and ice from getting inside and preventing accurate swipes.
Security Cameras.
Consider installing security cameras to deter theft and damage to equipment. Several clubs have at least four cameras mounted throughout the club and all are recorded, with one aimed at the door to record entrance. Most camera systems allow you to view the camera views via a website to see how members are doing. Now you can visit your club any time in person or remotely. Some have options to text you a photo of who accessed the club.
Have one available for emergencies. Consider disabling long distance charges.
Consider an uninterruptible power system. Cost is about $150. Plug in your computer and door access power. If there is a hiccup in power, system will still function.
Written Instructions.
Consider posting instructions by the door access card swipe on how to use it, and a cell number to call if it is not working. Some security systems allow a manager to open the door remotely.
Can I run my facility unstaffed?
Yes. “Self-serve facility access” during off-hours is a revolutionary new business model that thousands of health and fitness clubs throughout the country and around the world are rapidly adopting.
A club with no staff present is really no different than a swimming pool with no lifeguard on duty. There are only a few safety and security measures that need to be implemented – like installing inexpensive security cameras, panic buttons, and others.
Go Figure includes an extensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) based on the experiences of other club owners who have installed the system.
I am part of a franchise – can I do this?
Many franchisees have implemented iGo Door Access. Check your franchise agreement to be sure.
Will extended hours really help me?
They sure can. One Go Figure customer and franchise owner normally closed their club on Sundays. Their membership levels, unfortunately, were floundering.
After implementing extended-hour operations with iGo Door Access, the club gained many new members in the very first month, and even had former members return and re-join. Almost one-quarter of their membership base worked out on the July 4 Independence Day holiday alone!
Doctors, nurses, factory workers, firefighters, police officers, and many others will appreciate the ability to exercise when their schedule permits.
Plus, your club is accessible even if your employees arrive late or call in sick.
How do I get started?
For more information, or to order a Door Access kit, please contact the Go Figure Sales Team at (866) 532-9588.
Can I use my existing iGo Figure Keytags?
Yes - however, when those keytags are attached to a key ring, it is difficult to insert them far enough into the external scanner for a good read. To avoid the hassle of detaching the keytag, some owners have re-punched the keytags in the upper corner to allow them to work with the swiper. In addition, Go Figure now offers premium humpback keytags that work well while attached to a key ring. These keytags are the same price as regular keytags, and can be ordered just for those members who want to use the facility after-hours.
What has been the member reaction?
Extremely positive. Members who needed extended access have been very excited about being able to work out during hours when the facility was previously closed, or on weekends and holidays. They really liked the additional access, and very quickly became accustomed to working out with no staff present.
What do I need to do to maintain the door access scanner?
No maintenance is needed; however, depending on how exposed your door access scanner is to the elements, the lens that scans the barcode may become dirty and not scan a card. This seems to be more prevalent in colder climates. To remedy, simply swipe a piece of paper through it a few times. If it's a problem, consider purchasing a weather cover.
What version of the iGo Figure Software is required?
Version 3.6 or higher.(iGo Figure Software upgrades are free to our customers.)
How much is the iGo Door Access Kit?
How does a member know when the door is unlocked?
The sound of the door unlocking is quite noticeable. As an additional visual confirmation (and for hearing-impaired), a light on the reader will also indicate when the door is unlocked.
If a keytag scan is required to unlock the door, how do members scan their keytag?
Go Figure provides a special door access scanner that mounts outside your front door. This scanner comes as part of the Door Access kit.
How reliable is the scanner if installed outside?
The scanner is very reliable and requires almost no maintenance. If the scanning lens becomes dirty, simply swipe a piece of paper through it a few times. In colder or harsher environments, a simple and inexpensive plastic cover can be installed for protection.
Can I still use my existing indoor scanner during normal business hours?
Absolutely. During normal hours when the facility is staffed and the front door is unlocked, members come inside and scan their keytag on your existing scanner as before.
When a member scans their keytag outside to unlock the door, is their workout automatically recorded also?
If a member’s account is not in good standing (expired, in collections, on hold, etc.) will the door unlock for them?
If a member scans their keytag, but the door does not unlock because their account is not in good standing, will I be able to see a report of this?
Absolutely – the Invalid Keytag Scan Report provides this information.
Can employees use their keytag to unlock the door, and will this also record their arrival on the time clock?
Will Go Figure’s barcoded RFID keytags also work with the Door Access System?
Is everything I need included with the iGo Door Access kit?
Almost. You will need to purchase the door latch hardware components separately, as those vary widely depending on your door size, expected usage levels, etc. Go Figure also highly recommends contracting a professional to perform the hardware and electrical installation and connections, and install whatever exit mechanism may be required by your local fire code. Other than that, the Door Access kit is complete, and contains all hardware and instructions.
Do I have to go to 24-hour operations with the Door Access kit?
Absolutely not! You can choose to extend your operations to whatever hours and days you wish.
Do I have to increase my staff hours?
No. One purpose of the software-controlled door access is so you can increase your facility hours without needing to have staff present.
Can I decrease my staff hours?
Yes. After your members become comfortable with non-staffed, self-serve access, you can begin to decrease your staff hours as appropriate, thereby saving money.
What are the top reasons to use the iGo Door Access System?
  • Meet your competition’s 24 x 7 x 365 access, without increasing staff expenses.
  • Attract new and former members, while better-retaining existing members.
  • Late or sick employees won’t impact members’ workout schedules.
  • Empower your members to work out at times when their schedules permit.
  • Save money by reducing staffing levels once members get accustomed to self-serve access.