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October 29, 2014

Club Industry 2014 Vendor Fair

I tried to shoot a video walkthrough of the vendor fair at last weeks Club Industry Show in Chicago.

My memory card maxed out so I only covered about half of it.

In short, there were great vendors there, which can be a terrific value-add for fitness club owners wanting to evaluate different products for their fitness club.

Club Industry is no IHRSA, however.  While it has a good sampling of vendors, the mack daddy of all trade shows is IHRSA (In LA this March); its waaaaay bigger and has many more vendors (at least 10 times as many).  If you can’t make that, then Club Industry will do.

Of course, the world’s best fitness club management software was on discplay at the show – iGo360






June 19, 2014

Hey Buddy, Can you Spare $6 million?

I can’t.  And apparently the Gold’s Gym of Oxnard can’t either.

That gym was hit with a $6 Million judgment for basically being jerks when members wanted to cancel their memberships.  The gym is now in bankruptcy.  See the article here:

Too bad, really.  With all the great member retention features built into club management software these days, there really is no need to engage in those sorts of tactics any more.  So instead of locking members into contracts they can’t escape, you’ll have members that want to be members.

If you have not checked out iGo360, the world’s best fitness club software, you should.  It has all kinds of great member retention tools to help you keep you members longer.



June 3, 2014

Does your Gym need rescuing?

Filed under: Gym Management Software, fitness club software — MattZ @ 12:41 pm

Saw this article and thought I’d pas it along.  Seems like they’ll make a reality TV show out of anything these days.

If you feel like your gym needs rescuing, you might want to look at the fitness club management software your using. There’s all kinds of horns and whistles available these days to help you gain more members or keep your members longer.  Check with training to see if there are any features you’re not using that might help.  If the features you need aren’t there, consider upgrading to the best gym management software in the world!



April 11, 2014

No Heartbleed bug here

Filed under: Gym Management Software — MattZ @ 8:18 am
Just finished auditing our websites for the latest internet attack -the heartbleed bug.  We’re all clear.
You can add the world’s best fitness club software to list of companies that were unaffected by this nasty bug.



March 17, 2014

The Coolest Thing at IHRSA

Filed under: Gym Management Software, Uncategorized, fitness club software — MattZ @ 2:13 pm

Just returned from the IHRSA trade show in San Diego last week.

The show is ginormous.  Hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors were there showing off the latest in fitness.

With so much to see, you might think I have an opinion on the coolest new fitness concept.  Unfortunately, we were so busy the entire time, I did not have a chance to walk the trade show floor!

From our perspective, the crowd response to our new member portal was the coolest.  Once people saw how easy it is for a member to schedule PT or group classes right from their phone, or pay a bill, or buy more PT class credits. they were blown away.  They also loved the clean easy-to-use look of iGo 360 – screen shots of the iGo 360 dashboard and member portal below.

If you think of another cool feature you’d like to see in our new iGo 360 Fitness Club Management software, let us know and we’ll see if we can add it.



iGo 360 Fitness Club Management Software dashboard view

iGo 360 Gym Management Software - screen shot of Member Portal

November 29, 2013


Filed under: Gym Management Software — MattZ @ 9:26 am

Hope you have a great holiday with turkey, gravy and all the fixins.

And don’t forget to top it all off with the best fitness studio management software in the world!


Matt Z

October 23, 2013

Lessons in Software Development –

Filed under: Gym Management Software — MattZ @ 8:57 am

I read an article in today’s paper describing the problems with the development of the website. Seems the blame game has started – developers complaining about scope creep and the failure of other agencies to provide integration to the various databases it needs to access.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall in those meetings.  From what I’ve read, don’t count on the website being fully operational for a long time.

With the successful launch of our iGo 360 gym management software, I think I’ll call the President to have the iGo Figure Software Development Team resolve this.  I’m sure they’d have it up and running in no time!


Matt Z

September 1, 2013

On Your Mark, Get Set, iGo 360!!

Filed under: Gym Management Software, membership management software — MattZ @ 11:03 am

We just finished up beta testing the latest cloud based software from iGo Figure – iGo 360.  More than 200 clubs have implemented it.

In a word, its AWESOME!

It has a lot of the same great features you love in the iGo Figure software you love, plus fully integrated scheduling, a new state-of-the-art door access system, and seriously awesome dashboard control and reporting for multiple club owners.

Contact the sales team for a demonstration of all the great features iGo 360 has to offer.


Matt Z

January 10, 2012

Direct Mail is Back in Style!

15 Minute Club Management Video Tip – Vol 15

Direct Mail is Back in Style!

Direct Mail is one of the most traditional ways to advertise. However it can do wonders in a world filled with online advertisement.  Just think about it!  Direct mail is not something that flashes on a screen it actually will sit on your desk or dinner table. You might even keep it longer around than you would ever keep an email open!

Let Kyle Zagrodzky (iGo Figure Software President) insight you to improve your club’s overall sales.

For more 15 minute club improvement videos – CLICK HERE!


February 3, 2011

Exercise makes you and your members happy!

As a club owner you know exercise makes you happy, but do your members know?
Spread the word to boost your business and make your members happy by motivating them to work out more.

Here are a few facts to communicate and incentives to get and keep them going!

  • Got 10 Minutes? Any form of physical exercise automatically boost the body’s feel-good endorphins.
  • Did you know that one 30 minute exercise session generates 90 to 120 minutes of relaxation response?!
  • Introducing Member of the Month!  Who has the highest attendance? Seeing that number rise, will make them come back more often.
  • Introducing the Biggest Loser! Who lost the most weight? Tracking motivates.
  • Free Personal Trainer Attention – Have a personal trainer check on your members and compliment them to give confidence and keep them going.

After all the more members exercise, the happier you are too!

Matt Z


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